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Capriccio XXV Concert Booklet

Capriccio XXV Concert Booklet in line with the postal theme.


booklet1foreward booklet2profile booklet3conductor booklet4repetoire booklet5notes booklet6notes booklet7notes booklet8notes  booklet9notesdesign2 booklet10notes booklet11notes booklet12members booklet12members-extranames booklet13acknowledgments bookletback1



This was used for Capriccio XXV, we were using a postage theme for that concert!

After a bad experience of almost losing the entire series of files, I have finally decided to upload it here. I shall not be lazy in “saving” my work anymore, and will work towards uploading the Capriccio booklet here soon! If I manage to get away from the busy school life. I can forsee today lots of work will be given!

Presenting, my project work information booklet, Conservation of the Night Sky!

How apt the title of the post is.

PW Stickers

The above is to be placed on packaging of light bulbs.

These are “reminder” stickers to be placed on electrical appliances?

My brain is getting all raw, stiff and rusty with any school related matter and PW is a good year ago.

I’m finally getting down to uploading them because – however they may be used for all kinds of people for all kinds of reason, putting them on the internet is ultimately, safer. I’ve lost my beloved red thumbdrive that contains lots of precious memories so it’s only right now that I find a backup plan.

PW Postcard

Yes yes I will find it and add it someday 😀 And the awesome booklet that Guan Teng and I did. I’ll move on to Capriccio. I realised I haven’t done much these 2 years D:

Edit: Today is 12th Feb 2011 and I am back!

We were supposed to have Noel, so I did up a few 😀

But we didn’t have it in the end D:

And the stock images aren’t mine! Credits mostly to vlad one of my favourite places to get those swirly musical images. Take your pick, since we aren’t gonna have the concert.

And I was full of praise for png images last time, despite the a bit bigger size.

I’m going crazy over sunflowers so here goes the pot!

Hello world!

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